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We Care. 

The UWODSS council is substantive; consisting of student representatives and faculty members to cover all bases of the student experience. Together, we work to make our classmates feel at home. Whether its hosting student-wide events, organizing charity bake sales, or helping solve student issues, we can assure you that UWODSS is here to help. 

No, we cannot pay off your line-of-credit. 

Kate Jacques

UWODSS President

Hello! My name’s Kate and I’m the 2022-2023 UWODSS president. My role is to oversee the activities of UWODSS and to be the prominent representative between our student body and Schulich administration. Prior to this role, I sat on council as DDS 2023 class president for two years, then as VP finance for one year. I am passionate about all thing’s dentistry, including trying to make our dental education and experiences here at Schulich the best they can be! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. UWODSS is here for you! 

DSC_1461 4.jpg
Simon Zhang
Payal Patel
Simon Zhang
Christian Samuel

Vice President of Student Issues

Junior Vice President of Student Issues

Vice President of Programming

Maxwell Temes

Junior Vice President of Programming

Jonathan Gillmore

Vice President of Finance

Delainey Mattern
Delainey Mattern

Vice President of Administration

Emily Mundy

Vice President of External Affairs

Helia Ghahremani-Tabrizi

Vice President of Informational Technology

Moulik Patel

Fourth Year Class President

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 2.03.15 PM.png
Rachel Brunswick

Third Year Class President

Jaskaran Beniwal 

Second Year Class President

Daniel Han

First Year Class President

Prabhjit Sandhu

ITD3 Class President

DSC_1483 (1).jpg
Husam Medbak 

ITD2 Class President

Hetal Shah

ITD1 Class President

Emma Watt


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