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DDS Class of 2028 (4 Year) - $350.00


*If you are part of the Advanced Standing Program (ASP) Class of 2027, please go back to the UWODSS shop and select the ASP Class of 2027 (3-Year) UWODSS Membership)*


The membership fee covers the entirety of your time at Schulich. Look forward to free entry into our monthly events and discounts on merchandise and formals, and the ability to participate in extra-curriculars on campus. It also includes the FCDSA fee ($20 for DDS) that is required for all students.


Over 97% of your classmates are members, so don't miss out on this amazing oppurtunity to potentially save $1,800 over your 4 years at Schulich! 


*Please note that should you decide not to become a UWODSS member, you will be expected to pay a non-membership price for any events you wish to partake in*

UWODSS Membership (Class of 2028)

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