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Meet Our Sponsors.

UWODSS extends its heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors whose generous support plays an integral role in facilitating events for our student body. Their contributions enable us to organize activities, workshops, and networking opportunities that empower our students to thrive academically and professionally. We recognize and appreciate the invaluable partnership of our sponsors, whose dedication to our organization helps shape the future of dental education and cultivates a vibrant learning environment for all.


Molar Sponsors

Canine Sponsors

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Incisor Sponsors


Baby Tooth Sponsors

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The sponsorship program with UWODSS gives your company a platform to deliver your message to a highly receptive audience who later become powerful buyers and decision-makers when out in practice. 

Support for the school is support for our students! We have several philanthropic and sponsorship opportunities available.

To learn about the available sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Maxwell Temes

Senior VP Programming

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