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That's a head-scratcher.

  • What is UWODSS?
    The University of Western Ontario's Dental Student Society (UWODSS) is a student-run organization. It is run by dental students within the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry. Comprised of students from all years and faculty members, UWODSS provides governance to the student body and to the clubs and programs that run within it. While the university has recently re-branded itself to Western University, our original name 'UWODSS' still remains. Our constitution is attached here for your perusal!
  • Why should I sign-up for UWODSS?
    Becoming a UWODSS member gives you access to exclusive events, programs, and promotions. 96% of the student body are UWODSS members.
  • How much does it cost to be a UWODSS member?
    A one-time membership fee that is usually paid in D1 covers you for all four years at school. The cost varies from year-to-year.
  • How do I become a part of the UWODSS council?
    At the end of each school year, elections are held for various positions within the council. Keep your eye on your inbox!
  • What events does UWODSS host?
    Throughout the year, UWODSS hosts many events including a pool tournament, bowling, softball tournament, wings night, karaoke night, laser tag, etc. The biggest event hosted by UWODSS is the Annual Dentistry Formal.
  • How are clubs and organizations different?
    Please refer to Clubs vs. Organizations.
  • What documents can I look through to better understand what clubs are, the ratification process, and the on-going requirements of club leaders?"
    The following documents should provide the required information: Clubs vs. Organizations New Club Proposal Form Clubs Policies and Procedures Ratification FAQs
  • How do I start a club?
    UWODSS has an official ratification process for club formation. If you are interested, please complete the New Club Proposal form. Then, submit the form and its associated documents to Application deadline: January 31st of each year. UWODSS will then determine your ratification status for the following year. For any inquiries regarding clubs ratification please reach out to the UWODSS VP External or check out the FAQs and “Clubs vs. Organizations” document.
  • How do I join a club?
    Usually, there is no deadline to sign-up for a club and it can be done in multiple ways: e-mailing club leaders, attending an event, or speaking with your class representative (if they exist). Alternatively, for clubs that have chosen to create pages on our website, you can access their information on The Hub.
  • How do I start a chapter of an organization at Schulich?
    To understand how this process takes place, we recommend visiting an organization's website for more information. Note: While UWODSS does not ratify organizations (or their Schulich Chapter) we require that chapter leaders let us know they exist. We want to make sure that the organization listing on is accurate and up-to-date.
  • How do I join an organization?
    Sign-up can be done in multiple ways: emailing organization leaders, attending an event or speaking with your class representative (if they exist). You may also view the organization's website for further information
  • I run a ratified club, how do I apply for funding?"
    1) Apply through this link: 2) Applications are due on September 15th, at 11:59PM of each calendar year. Unless otherwise stated, funding disbursement only occurs once yearly. 3) The UWODSS VP Finance will distribute funds to eligible clubs within 10 workings days of deadline. 4) At year end, we require an expense report and a list of active members. Please use the templates attached. 5) We do don’t require that you spend all of your allocated funds. However, we do expect that the money you did not spend to be carried forward to the next year. 6) We will not audit your expenses; we hope that you exercise good judgement with your spending and use funds in ways that support your club’s mandate and contribute to its longevity. 7) Clubs are entitled to a maximum of $500 per year. 8) Additional funding can be applied for through USC:
  • When can I buy Schulich Dentistry clothing?
    UWODSS holds one clothing sale at the beginning of ever year. The sale occurs online and we hold times for you to sample sizes. Check your e-mail for updates! Note: Designs and prices vary yearly according to supply, design, and intricacy of artwork. If you have some ideas you would like to share, please let us know.
  • How do I find an empty room to study in?
    Using this link, you can see room schedules for both MSB and DSB.
  • I want to book a study room in MSB. How do I do that?
    1. Check the MSB Study Rooms' (MSB016-029) schedule here. 2. If the room is vacant, e-mail with your request using the template below. Requested By [Student Name(s)]: Reason for Booking: Study Space for Schulich Dentistry Student(s) Specific Room Requested: Date: Time (start and end): Estimated Number people: *A number of important notes directly from Facilities Management: 1. Rooms are unlocked from 6:00am to 6:30pm on weekdays with some minor variation due to scheduled events; outside of these hours the rooms are accessible to dental students 2. Rooms are not ventilated in the evenings or on weekends (in order to reduce our carbon footprint) 3. Access to the internet is through whatever Wi-Fi has been provided in that area by Western 4. Rooms have monitors and whiteboards 5. There have been issues in the past with various groups leaving excess garbage in the rooms and this - Facilities Management will act on complaints directly with individuals/programs involved in booking rooms where excess garbage is found.
  • I have an exam in another building. How do I find the building and room?
    Using this link, you will be able to find most (if not all) exam rooms as well as a blueprint on how to get there! Still having trouble? Here is a list of all buildings at Western and their floor plans.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the best dental student of them all? 

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