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Develop Yourself Outside of The Classroom. 

Being a superstar dentist is multi-faceted. Not only does it take strong clinical skills but also those honed away from the chair. All together, these skills make the well-rounded clinician. One that can deliver superb patient care. Here is a list of extracurriculars to develop yourself and invariably, quench your thirst for 'Resume Boosters.'

Besides, who doesn't like a dentist who knows their way around a cocktail menu? Explore your interests through clubs, organizations, various opportunities and sports teams

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There's a club for every flavour of toothpaste.

Dental Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation (DEBI)

Nima Lighvan


Dental Entrepreneurship, Business and Innovation (DEBI) is an initiative aiming to

1) students the opportunity to learn fundamental business competencies they will need in their future line of work;
2) a platform from which they can learn to be an entrepreneur who can take their ideas/innovations and scale them to a business and;
3) to provide a valuable networking opportunity with other professionals in the field

DDS Equity Initiative

Simon Zhang


Pre-dental students from underprivileged populations are dramatically under-represented in dental schools across Ontario. We aim to provide academic and developmental guidance to students from under-represented populations who wish to pursue a career in dental surgery. Our mission is to nurture high-quality mentoring relationships between current first and second year dental students and interested undergraduate students.


Caitlin Loo


DOCSKids is a community outreach program aimed at providing preventative oral health care education to children in the London community. Our volunteer-run program provides Schulich Dentistry students with the opportunity to give back to the community, interact with children and adults alike, and share their knowledge with others. Our volunteers visit community centers, libraries, and other local organizations, engaging children in interactive activities and games that teach them about oral health.

Schulich Women in Dentistry Student Association

Sanaz Karami


Women in Dentistry is a grassroots initiative that aims to promote inclusion and diversity. We hope to generate discourse and learning at the intersection of dentistry and gender by creating a collaborative and interactive environment.

UWODSS Mentorship Program

Caitlin Loo and Cindy Xiao


The UWODSS Mentorship Program is a student-led volunteer program that connects students from different classes within Schulich Dentistry. Our goals are to support students throughout their dental education, build a strong community across all classes, and improve student wellbeing and experience. All of our mentors are volunteers who have kindly committed their time to help ease the transition and journey of their mentees throughout dental school and beyond.

Schulich Clubs

UWODSS VP External


Don't find a Schulich Dentistry Club that interests you? No problem. UWODSS has teamed up with the Hippocratic Council (of Schulich Medicine) to offer you a range of different opportunities. Whether it's taking nature walks, being a local foodie, or lifting heavy at the gym, we have you covered. 


Check out the complete listing here. 



Give a little, give a lot (of smiles). 

Alpha Omega International Dental Fraternity: AO

Natalie Rubinger and 

Emad Fard


Alpha Omega is one of the oldest international dental organizations with over 100 alumni and student chapters worldwide. Our chapter holds educational, social and networking events throughout the year. Membership benefits include networking with dental students and dental professionals, shadowing opportunities, continuing education, summer externship opportunities, as well as the chance to connect with residents across Canada and the US through the Residency Network Project.

Christian Medical and Dental Association

Hannah Der


CMDA aims to provide a supportive community for medical and dental students at Schulich in London who are learning about and growing in the Christian Faith. CMDA seeks to provide an inclusive environment for members to discuss what it means to be a Christian while also fostering meaningful connections between Medical and Dental students. Throughout the year we have weekly lunch meetings focused on Biblical discussions and monthly dinner socials with local doctors and dentists. We also host volunteer opportunities, retreats and prayer meetings. 

The Dental Academic Research Trainees (DART)

Kim Beaucage


The Dental Academic Research Trainees (DART) are a group of passionate dental researchers including undergraduates, grad students, post-docs and specialty training students who want to promote research and provide a synergistic environment for researchers of many backgrounds. DART holds relevant events and seminars to foster collaboration, learning and networking, of which interested members are welcome to join.

The Dental Outreach and Community Service (DOCS)

Pedro Alba


"The Dental Outreach and Community Service (DOCS) program enhances the dental student experience and provides free dental care to low income families who have no dental insurance."

For more information, click here

Saif Matti


The Federation of Canadian Dentistry Student Associations (FCDSA) is a congregation of all 10 Canadian Dentistry Student Associations at accredited Canadian DDS/DMD programs. The federation will provide services and organize activities which are beneficial these member associations.


The mission of the Federation is to connect Canadian dentistry students in order to foster the sharing of common interests and challenges, advocate as a unified national student voice for the promotion of accessible, optimal dental education and patient care, and provide an avenue to introduce and involve students in organized dentistry.


Moulik​ Patel


Movember is a month-long charity event that takes place in November. It serves as a way to raise money for initiatives that support men's health. Schulich dental students participate in a number of ways including growing a moustache, setting a fitness goal, and hosting bake sales. Last year, the Schulich team raised close to $3071. 

Oral Health Total Health (OHTH)

Caitlin Loo, Harleen Juneja, and Simran Purewal


OHTH is a Federal Non-Profit Organization. Our mission is to advocate, educate, and improve the oral health care of persons with special needs of all ages - as unfortunately, persons with special needs have the hardest time finding dental care in their communities. As one of many purely student-run OHTH chapters across Canada, London's OHTH organizes and hosts initiatives that align with the greater OHTH mission for the Greater-London area. 

SPEA Schulich

Caitlin Loo


The Student Professionalism and Ethics Association in Dentistry is a national, student-driven organization that was established to promote and support students’ lifelong commitment to ethical behaviour in order to benefit the patients they serve and to further the dental profession. The Schulich chapter of SPEA hosts events and provides resources to promote education and awareness of ethical and professional standards and issues relevant to dentistry.

Teddy Bear Hospital

Cindy Xiao


With the strange people, scary instruments, and needles, it’s no wonder that many children are afraid of going to the doctor. The Teddy Bear Hospital Project aims to alleviate these fears in a fun and interactive way. This will include travelling to kindergarten and grade 1 classrooms around the London area, tending to their sick Teddy Bears through different stations, including taking a history and physical exam, x-rays, and the importance of maintaining personal hygiene, including hand washing, and brushing and flossing our teeth.



Broaden your clinical and non-clinical horizons. 

Summer Research Program


Schulich Dentistry Research Opportunity Program (SDROP) is a program for students who are interested in research. ​After the application and interview process, successful students are paired with faculty members. Together, they work for the duration of the summer on a specific project. Opportunities are available to dental students from years 1, 2, and 3. Many students have co-authored papers, as a result. 

For more information, click here.


We talkin' about practice...

The Mighty Dents Hockey Team

Shane Huffman



The Mighty Dents represent the SSMD Dental faculty as the official dentistry hockey team, sponsored by the Continuing Dental Education (CDE) department as well as the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). The team plays in the intramural league at Western throughout the academic year, and every year participates in the annual ODA Cup against the University of Toronto Dental Hockey Club. 



Explore your interests

DDS Equity Initiative

Kevin Zhou


The DDS Equity Initiative is an interest group with the aim to provide academic and career-related guidance to students from under-represented populations who wish to pursue a career in dental surgery. Our mission is to nurture high-quality mentoring relationships between first-year dental students and undergraduates.

Schulich Mindfulness Community

Karen Taggar


The Schulich Mindfulness Community is an initiative that aims to create a safe and comfortable environment for students to learn and engage in mindfulness practice and participate in a culture of peer support. We strive to foster a community centered around compassion and positivity while promoting health and wellness

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